ローズクオーツローラーRose Quartz Roller - eco-nawa
Rose Quartz Rollers
ローズクオーツローラーRose Quartz Roller - eco-nawa
Rose Quartz Rollers
Rose Quartz Rollers
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Rose Quartz Rollers


The Rose Quartz “love stone” is well-known for its amazing ability of cocooning it’s user in an aura of deep affection, happiness and healing; it also reduces inflammation and stimulates skin cells’ regeneration. Now, you can harness its full benefits in three simple steps “roll..roll…roll” with Econawa Rose Quartz rollers – a blessing unveiled.

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Stone: Pure Rose Quartz

Frame: Brass

Style: Detachable stones

Here is why we love it

Tremendous gifts of the Love stone:

  • Attracts and promotes unconditional love.
  • Strengthens and deepens relationships and bonds.
  • Frees the mind from all forms of negative energies.
  • Enhances self-love and confidence.

• Tones skin muscles.

• Detoxifies via lymphatic drainage.

• Regularizes skin pores’ size.

• Enhances skincare products’ absorption.

• Clears eye-bags and dark circles

• Better skin appearance

Use Right…

Using the Rose Stone rollers is one thing, enjoying it’s maximum benefits from it’s use is another. To help you unlock the full potentials of the stone rollers, the following tips should be adhered to:

• Apply a serum or non-comedogenic oil or cream before rolling.

• Roll upwards only and in one direction for proper lymphatic drainage.

• A minimum of 5 upward rolls should be done per area; beginning with the jawline.

• After outward rolling of the jawline, roll out towards the hairline, under the cheekbones and then along them.

• Finally, roll over the eyebrows to release tension and upwards on the forehead for a similar effect.

• Always work the neck region and jawline, slowly but firmly.


Handle with care.

• Oil occasionally to eliminate friction.

• Clean with plain water or gentle liquid soap ONLY.

• Rinse and dry thoroughly.

• Store in dry place.


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